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Support the Expansion of Voting Rights

More than 50 years after the Voting Rights Act was passed, full protections for voting rights are not guaranteed for all voters. While we have made progress in expanding voter access, many people still face challenges to participating in elections due to factors including income, health, age, race, disability, and gender. Voting is a fundamental right, and all Americans deserve an equal opportunity to make their voices heard in our democracy.  

Increased accessibility to the electoral process ensures that every eligible voter can exercise their right to vote. Congress must know how the people feel: empowering eligible voters to cast their ballot strengthens our democracy. Please add your name to show Congress that we support voting rights! 

In addition to signing this petition, which will show Congress the breadth of support for voting rights, you can also advocate for specific pro-voter policies by sending a message to your Members of Congress via the League's Action Alerts. Leaders of the Republican and Democratic parties have made proposals this Congress that would impact voting. The League would like to see the introduction of bipartisan legislation that includes expanding early voting, allowing no-excuse absentee voting, implementing automatic and online voter registration, improving operations of the Election Assistance Commission, improving language access, and ensuring proper voter list maintenance. Through our work supporting voter access, the League also advocates for same-day voter registration, access for disabled voters, and access for native voters. 

Voting rights impact everyone. Urge Congress to protect the right to vote!