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Woman getting signatures for climate action

The Environment

As citizens of the world, we must protect our planet from the physical, economic, and public health effects of climate change while also providing pathways to economic prosperity.

Why It Matters

The preservation of the physical, chemical, and biological integrity of the earth’s ecosystem is essential for the maximum protection of public health and the environment. The interrelationships of air, water, and land resources should be recognized in designing environmental safeguards. The federal government should have a major role in setting standards for environmental protection and pollution control.

What We're Doing

Since the 1960s, we have been at the forefront of efforts to protect air, land, and water resources. Our approach to environmental protection and pollution control is one of problem-solving. The League’s environmental goals aim to prevent ecological degradation and to reduce and control pollutants before they go down the sewer, up the chimney or into the landfill. We support vigorous enforcement mechanisms, including sanctions for states and localities that do not comply with federal standards as well as substantial fines for noncompliance.

In 2023, we endorsed the Children's Fundamental Rights and Climate Recovery Resolution, which recognizes the disproportionate impact of the climate crisis on the health, economic opportunities, and fundamental rights of children and the need for a national, science-based climate recovery plan to meet necessary emissions reduction targets and stabilize the climate system.

Latest from the League

The League submitted comments to the Council on Environmental Quality in response to its request for information on Phase One of the Environmental Justice Scorecard, an executive order-directed assessment of what the federal government is doing to advance environmental justice. The League advised on ways to improve the scorecard's assessments and accessibility to facilitate the public's ability to monitor federal progress and hold the government accountable on advancing environmental justice for all.

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LWVUS and the LWV Oregon filed amicus briefs supporting youth seeking a court order requiring the federal government to plan to end fossil fuel emissions

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The co-signing organizations believe that it is time that the Human Rights Council appoints a woman from the Global South as the new Special Rapporteur on the issue of human rights obligations. 

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