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We polled LWV staff on which songs excited them to cast their ballots. 

Any news source with credibility, integrity, and accuracy relies on facts. In a time where not, all news is based in truth, it’s crucial to have a grasp on the basics of fact-checking when consuming media.

Here’s a checklist that will guide you in finding fact-based media: 

With a high-stakes presidential election, several critical cases before the Supreme Court, and anti-voter laws on the rise across, 2024 is set to be a pivotal year for our democracy. Here are a few events we’re marking on our calendars as we gear up for the changes ahead.

When you vote for the President of the United States, you are not voting directly for a candidate. Instead, your vote — and the votes of everyone else in your state — directs the votes of the people who vote directly for President: presidential electors, otherwise known as members of the Electoral College.  

This blog, and those that will follow, will explain how the Electoral College works, the history of the Electoral College — including its racist origins — and why it must be abolished. 

If we want to create a more inclusive democracy that represents the diverse needs of its people, we must empower young voters. 

Learn why young voters are so important and how you can support them!

Reflecting on the last five and a half years, I am so proud of both the impact the League has had on our democracy and the growth this organization has seen under the leadership of me and my partners in justice, Chris Carson, and Dr. Turner. Here are a few of my favorite moments.  

Caucuses "are meetings run by political parties that are held at the county, district, or precinct level." In the months before a presidential election, several states hold caucuses where candidates vie for party support. Caucus participants then vote for the candidates they support; the number of votes each candidate receives determines how many party “delegates” will be sent to support that candidate at the party’s convention.

Our president, the late Dr. Deborah Ann Turner, shared many moments of wisdom. We hope these will inspire you in the days to come.

This year, we've seen firsthand how registering people to vote creates a stronger, more representative America. Americans are taking part in our democracy in full force – and now is our chance to make sure they’re ready to vote. 

Voters deserve to hear directly from the candidates campaigning to represent us at the highest level.

See which candidates have filled out our voter guides and demand the rest follow their example!

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